When you detect half inch small holes in your wooden possessions, then it might be the right time to examine it properly as it may be attacked by fuming carpenter bees. In the case, if you find the one, probably there might be an army behind it. Now, it is time to be alert about the attack of these bees on your wooden furniture. Although carpenter bees are active pollinators and help in enhancing the environment if it is damaging your precious wooden possessions, then you have to take steps to buzz them off.

Here we have compiled some amazing ideasĀ control carpenter bees in your premises. These startling ideas are accumulated under these four ways to keep carpenter bees off from your premises-

Various ways to carpenter bees off

Eradicate wood bees with the help of vacuum cleaner

Turn on your vacuum cleaner, keep the dfgdfgdfgfdgfdgnozzle on the hole and start with strong vacuuming features. The vacuum would suck all wood bees and remember to check the holes after vacuuming so that not a single bee left inside a nest. It is an easy method of getting rid of these annoying bees. Do this activity in the evening when all bees are in their nest.

Use pesticides and insecticides

You can abolish carpenter bees from your woods by spraying pesticides and insecticides into its holes. If your premises are highly affected by bees, then you should approach fumigation experts for proper pest control work. They will help you throughout the process of diminishing bees from your beautiful home.

Use boric acid powder

Boric acid powder is the very intact remedy for eliminating wood bees up till now it worked successfully in 86% of all cases. You just have to spray boric acid powder on holes, bees will eventually be invisible in few hours, and this is because bees and almost all other insects are naturally repelled to boric acid.

Use citrus and tea tree oil spray

cfdgfdgdfgfdgfdOne can make this spray at home by heating water along with any citrus and tea tree oil until it becomes one-third of its volume. Fill this liquid in the spray bottle, shake it well and spray it on the infected areas of wood to get rid of pests. Hence, these were some excellent yet easy ways to eradicate carpenter bees from wood furniture and other possessions. Hopefully, it will help you to remove fuming pests from your premises.