Portable car battery jump starting devices that are clamped to a car’s battery have become familiar in the recent years. Though smaller devices plugged to a car’s power outlet are also now present in the market. However, these devices do not instantly start your vehicle; they take about 5-10 minutes to charge your car battery when it’s flat.

These portable devices do not work on all vehicles. There is a particular portable battery jump starter for each vehicle model.

hjsdsu76shsssaHere are a few factors to consider when purchasing portable car battery jump starters, if you have thoughts of buying a standby starter for your vehicle in case of a drained battery. The major mobile car battery jump starters are Schumacher (EC-4000) e-Charge, and Black and Decker (Simple start) The majority of portable car battery jump starters range from $20-$50. These factors include:The first will be about Schumacher jump starter.

What to consider

1. Models with lead acid batteries

Those that have lead acid batteries can be recharged and then re-used again. They must be regularly recharged as they lose charge over time even when not used.

2. They are also larger and weigh more than just four pounds.

Out of nine Schumacher battery jump starters, only five started vehicles according to the tests done. However, two out of the five jump starters also required more charging than the manufacture’rs instructions. It should also be noted that, if their internal batteries are spoilt, they will not be able to start a vehicle with extra charging.

Other types of a portable car battery jump starter are, StartMeupto, which cost a staggering $20 and Porta-Jump(PJR-STH) costing around $30. These have lighter weight and are small enough and can fit in most compartments.

gashgsu6shgssaJust to look at them; the StartMeUpto do not need any maintenance. However, it is built with non-rechargeable good for just a single use. A disadvantage with this is that with the tests done, the two models only started a few vehicles in which the tests were done. If you need to purchase a portable car battery jump starter, the Black and Decker model is the only one you can perhaps give a try. But you should always ensure you charge it always. Nonetheless, you should buy of booster cables that are at least 12 Ft long and just about 4-6 gauge. The goodness with this is that they do not need maintenance, and so long as you can access the second vehicle, you can use to jump start any vehicle.

Whenever you are purchasing a portable car battery jump starters, the factors I have discussed above should be put into serious consideration for you to get a quality Car Battery Jump starters. All the factors discussed are thoroughly tested, and they work.