The beauty of the church can be seen by the décor as well as the interior design; this can be seen from the pulpit. The church pulpit is normally used to complement the furniture. The pulpit is used to hold the Bible and other books that the preacher uses during the sermon. Nowadays, there is a variety of choices that can be used to give a church an extraordinary look. There are different church pulpits that can be used in the church as you can see below. You can use any of the pulpits below to add décor to your church. You will not go wrong with a beautifully designed pulpit.

Wooden pulpit

gssau6sasasaasWooden church pulpits are common in churches. Perhaps, it is because of its costs. Furthermore, wooden pulpits provide different ways of decorating it. Most Christian churches embellish wooden pulpits using crosses, church names, Christian symbols and even church names. The embellishments are meant to improve the look of the pulpit.

There are also pulpits that have wheels to allow the preacher move easily. There are still those pulpits that are held in place. The design of the pulpit depends on what the preacher and the congregation require. Pulpits are normally custom made to suit the needs of the congregation. There is always something for to satisfy a given congregation.

Clear pulpit

The clear pulpit design is common with contemporary churches. The clear design provides an illusion of a bigger stage. It allows the congregation to have a clear view of the preacher. The clear pulpit can be designed in different designs. It can be curved inwards, straight or even curved outwards for that unique touch. They can be engraved with Bible verse, Christian symbol or church name verses depending on the requirements of the church. Plexiglas pulpit can scratch easily, and most churches prefer to use it together with the wood of acrylic. Acrylics cost less than granite and wooden pulpits. Clear pulpits are becoming increasingly popular in modern churches.

Granite pulpit

hgsahgsau76ashsaGranite pulpits are not common in churches. However, when used it symbolizes power and even permanence. Granite is also available in different colors. Therefore, different colors can be combined to make the church look beautiful. The church can choose a color that matches with its theme. Besides, they are long lasting and do not crack easily like the clear pulpit. However, granite pulpit may be a bit costly. In as much as they may be expensive, you get value for your money.