A limo service is a type of service that is intended to provide a customer with a limousine as well as a driver. The limo is usually rented by the hour, and the rental cost depends on the type of vehicle; the type of services as well as some requests that the customer makes; and fuel charges in the area where the service is hired. A limo service is typically promoted as a safe way to transport kids to their prom or as a fun way to travel to and from different kinds of special events such as parties, weddings, and sporting events.

Features offered

hjdhjdd74The fleet of limousine offers a lot of features such as DVD players, televisions, and tinted windows. The cost of limousine service varies from one area to another. Aside from the things that I’ve mentioned above, the total number of hours that a customer wishes to use the limousine; the capacity of the vehicle; the features that it can offer; and the distance that’s going to be traveled will also affect the final price of the rental service.

You get a trip

Moreover, in certain regions, some limousine drivers expect to get a tip of at least 15%, which may be considered as mandatory and can be added to the customer’s bill. If this is mandatory, the customer may even be expected to pay a certain fee on top of that 15%. However, tipping practices for drivers vary depending on the region.

They offer safety

This service can be used for many purposes. However, they are typically used for two major reasons namely: for the safe transportation of people who are going to drink alcohol and to provide special events stylish transportation. In some cities, adults commonly rent limousines for their teenage children who are going to proms so that they can make sure that they are safe. Parents can tell the rental company not to allow alcoholic drinking and smoking inside the vehicle.

You get to move with style

hgdd4dFor wedding ceremonies, sporting events, and other types of special occasions, people choose to get this kind of service so that they can arrive and leave the said events with utmost style. After a wedding ceremony, the bride and groom can watch well wishes from their family and friends on the limo’s DVD player. On the other hand, for funerals, a group of black limousines can be rented to join the hearse. This service can also be rented if people want good transportation that’s going to take them around town or from the airport.


Most of the rental companies nowadays, own more than just one type of limousine. It’s always a good idea to go for a company that can offer a wide variety of vehicles so that you can have a lot to choose from based on the type of event that you have as well as the number of people that you plan on transporting.