It can be quite a challenging task trying to choose the best coffee grinder on the market. Moreover, many coffee lovers do not know the importance of using the coffee grinder at home. You must have asked yourself what are the good machines to make espresso. If you are one of them, this coffee grinder review is for you, as it gives you the best coffee grinders in the market, the importance of coffee grinders, as well as the type of coffee grinders available in the market.


Best coffee grinders in the market

Based on the market review, four coffee grinders are featuring the best in the market regarding quality, kllpppllllmmdurability, handling, and price. The top of the list is the BaratzaVario-W 986 Coffee grinder. It has a total score of 9.1 points total score featuring the best regarding grind quality and handling. This device costs $559; a price considered a good mix with its quality.

The second in the list is Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder, which scored 9.1 points and cost $365 in the market. Third is Baratza 485 Encore Coffee Grinder, which scored 7.8 points and had cost$132.95. Finally, the fourth in the list is Gaggia 8002 MDF Coffee Grinder, which scored 7.6 points in the market review and cost $219.

The importance of having a coffee grinder at home

As a coffee lover, you are looking for the best in the coffee that you take. Therefore, buying pre-grounded coffee is not the ideal option for you. Having a coffee grinder at home comes with significant benefits. The first benefit is the freshness factor, which implies that you will be able to grind you coffee and take it fresh when it still has its volatile oils and aromatics. It will be a different case when you buy the pre-grounded coffee from the market because coffee gets stale with time making it lose the flavor in the beans.You want to take your coffee fresh.

Secondly, having your coffee grinder makes the process of optimizing the result of your coffee making process. With the right grind at home, you will be able to optimize the grind size to match with both your espresso machine and the brewing technique.

Types of coffee grinders

kjkjkjkkjklllpppThere are two major types of coffee grinders in the market that includes blade grinders and burr grinders. Blade grinders are the cheapest in the market with prices as low as $30.

They are easy to use and clean. Burr grinders are expensive but the best option for all coffee lovers because they come with quality, and you can get the precise grind you prefer to suit your taste.