The winter buzz is back again, and we can’t wait to get out and play in the snow. There are more fun activities designed for this season, and we no longer have room for lame excuses to stay indoors and bit the cold. Unlike summer we need to show less skin and keep warm throughout. Luckily, there is a wide selection of accessories like blazers, trench coats and fur and shearing coats that are the best outerwear 2016. Fur and shearing coats offer a unique and fashionable style; they can be blended with any outfit to add pomp to the eventual look.

They are very warmt2gwedrfe5dt26eyu272i2

Fur and shearing coats are made from bulky materials like sheepskin and animal furs which have good insulation and heat retention capacity. With a warm coat, you do not have to wear many clothes underneath.

They are very durable

These coats can cost you a fortune but if cared for properly they will last you a lifetime, and you can even pass them from generation to generation. They don’t flake and lose their luster like leather and suede.

They are water resistant

Water resistance is a natural characteristic of animal furs and wool fibers. They have sturdy water repellant layers that protect against moisture absorption and retention within the fibers cores. You do not have to worry about long hours exposed to the rain because each core can only absorb 30% of its weight in moisture without getting damp. Once you are sheltered from the rain, you can shake the moisture off and use a soft brush to smoothen the layers.

Moisture wicking capacity

Fur and shearing coats are also good at wicking body perspiration; this keeps your skin within the coat dry and protected throughout.

Offer premium multi-climate comfort

The natutgwerfwed5t2e6y27u282rally insulating and moisture wicking properties make these coats versatile and trendy for any climate. With breathability that cuts across a broad range of temperatures, these coats will ensure that you remain comfortable throughout regardless of how many times the weather fluctuates.

They are very stylish

These coats offer a broad range of style options and can be worn over varying outfits with ease. They are known for a myriad of figure flattering lines that give fashionable silhouettes. Their accentuated styles like fur trim draped collars, curved seaming and belts emphasize further on the many fashion options that will tuck you in and help you beat the cold.