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Sir Mekere submits the Pacific Plan Review’s Report to Leaders

Sir Mekere Morauta, Review Chair, today submitted his report of the 2013 Review of the Pacific Plan – as per the schedule agreed with Leaders.

The 225-page report, together with a 20-page Summary, will now be circulated for consideration by Forum Leaders prior to their officials meeting to discuss the implications of the review in December.

The report will not be published until after Leaders have had the opportunity to study it. However, in submitting the report, Sir Mekere spoke of the report’s direction and emphasis, which he said highlights the region’s vulnerabilities and dependencies and the need for a new level and quality of political debate, policy and cooperation at the regional level. Recommendations focus, in particular, on the institutions and processes driving Pacific regionalism.

Sir Mekere’s Letter of Transmittal is available here.

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