The pacific plan

The Pacific Plan for Regional Integration and Cooperation

The Pacific Plan is the master strategy for strengthening regional cooperation and integration in the Pacific. It provides a high-level framework that guides the work of national governments, regional agencies and development partners in support of the aspirations of Forum Member countries and our people. The Plan was endorsed by Forum Leaders at their annual meeting in Madang in October 2005.

Oversight of the Pacific Plan is provided by the Pacific Plan Action Committee (PPAC). This Committee comprises representatives from each member and associate member states of the Pacific Islands Forum, as well as Executives of each of the Council of Regional Organisations in the Pacific (CROP) agencies. The role of PPAC is to review implementation of the Pacific Plan and provide high-level advice to Leaders on strengthening regional cooperation and integration.

The Pacific Plan was designed as a ‘living document’ so that it can adapt to the changing landscape of Pacific regionalism. It has been reviewed once, in 2009, and now Leaders have decided it is time for the Plan to undergo another, more comprehensive, Review.

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