Team approach

The Review team aimed for the Review to be open, consultative and iterative.

The Review’s main period of evidence-gathering, from late-January to mid-May 2013, aimed to identify the range of issues that Forum countries, development partners, non-state actors (including civil society, academia, the private sector) and CROP agencies identify as relevant and important to the Review. Preliminary findings and suggested next-steps were presented to a special sitting of the PPAC, for their feedback, in late May 2013. Further evidence-gathering and focused consultation was undertaken in June and July 2013, prior to the preparation of a report to Forum Leaders.

The Review gathered evidence and opinion through:

  • Visits by the Review Team to all 16 Pacific Forum Member Countries, including Fiji, as well as the Forum’s two Associate Members;
  • Consultations will be held with key individuals and organisations outside of the region: former politicians, academics, the United Nations and others; and
  • Public submissions, which were solicited through the Review website.

The Review also commissioned studies and analyses by external experts and academics, to provide–in a balanced way–further contextual information on aspects of regional cooperation and integration. These have been published on the Team Documents page.

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