Terms of reference

The Terms of Reference for the Review were approved by Forum Leaders at their annual meeting in the Cook Islands in 2012. The Review team was tasked to assess:

  • The impact of the Pacific Plan since 2005, and whether the Leaders’ intent for it has been met;
  • Whether the strategic underpinnings of the Pacific Plan remain relevant to the region, including the Leaders vision and the Pacific Plan endorsed by Leaders in 2005;
  • The effectiveness of governance and policy making arrangements for the Pacific Plan, including the role of PPAC, SIS Officials, CROP Executives, and the Pacific Plan Office; and their alignment with other Forum Secretariat programmes and CROP priorities;
  • The extent of ownership of the Pacific Plan by Members and regional organizations;
  • The effectiveness of the Pacific Plan in advocating regional priorities in international fora;
  • The relationship and opportunities for further alignment of the Pacific Plan with the post-2015 global development agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • The effectiveness and appropriateness of the approach to priority setting under the Pacific Plan;
  • The effectiveness of implementation arrangements for delivery of initiatives and priorities under the Pacific Plan;
  • The appropriateness and effectiveness of monitoring and reporting arrangements;
  • The extent to which the Pacific Plan has influenced programming decisions by development partners and supported more effective and targeted funding to the region;
  • Opportunities to more effectively engage with non-state actors under the Pacific Plan; and
  • The need for further studies to help shape policy on the Pacific Plan, for example on the cost benefits of particular approaches to regionalism.


The TOR can be viewed in full here.

Special TOR for the Consultants

The Terms of Reference for the Consultants were based on the Review TOR, but included a specification of expertise for the consultants. The Consultant TOR can be viewed here.

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