If you suffer from lower back pain, it is imperative to consider the quality and value of the mattress that you purchase. Choosing the wrong mattress can make the back pain more severe. You should shop for a mattress that supports your sleeping posture as well as relaxing your muscles. This will not only provide you a healthy and a satisfying sleep, but it will also help relief your lower back pain.

The following are guidelines that may help you when choosing the best mattress for lower back pain.

The best mattress for lower back pain has a back support

ssu76ssaasA good mattress is designed to offer support for the curves and positioning of the spine. Enough back support is also important as it helps you to avoid muscle pain in the morning. A study conducted on patients with back pain found that patients sleeping on medium-firm mattresses experienced less pain than those lying on firm mattresses.

Select the mattress depending on how you sleep

For back sleepers, medium-firm mattresses are the best. A too stiff mattress is likely to push against the spine, and a too soft mattress does not offer the required support. Side sleepers require a slightly soft mattress to support the shoulders and hips without putting too much pressure on the spine. Some patients suffering from low back pain are stomach sleepers and need a firmer mattress to remain afloat. The majority of patients have a combination of sleeping styles and hence need a medium-firm mattress.

Consider the best value and quality of the mattress more than price

Most high-quality mattresses which have more coils and thicker cushioning tend to be expensive. However, higher cost of mattresses alone does not always guarantee comfort and support for patients suffering from lower back pain. You should first identify the suitable mattress and then compare prices from different shops to choose the best. When shopping for the best mattress for lower pain at reasonable price, you should also consider the popular and tested brands. However, new brands could also suit your low back pain condition, but you should be careful not to be misled through sales promotion and advertising.

Try the bed before purchasing it

gsghsau76sajsaTrying different beds enables you to pick the one that gives you the best feel. You can try different designs of mattresses in peoples’ homes or hotels before going to buy. Another option is to request the supplier to allow you to lie on the mattress for a moment to feel it. Nowadays, some mattress producers allow a buyer to test the mattress at home for a number of days and return it if not satisfied.

In conclusion, the above overview may help you to select the best mattress for lower back pain. It is also essential to consult a doctor when making decisions concerning spinal health.